Ecata Vision

“To become the premier choice of training for global aerospace companies when looking to enhance the management and leadership capabilities of their future programme directors”

In ECATA, we believe that the globalization of our life will continue and that the aerospace and aviation business will continue to grow more and more together, with increasing complexity of products and services. This will require strong integrators and leaders.

ECATA needs to keep pace with these continuous changes of our business and the world in general. We believe in cross-industry and international cooperation, in cultural diversity, common learning and networking, but also the opportunity to share joy and friendship.

We believe that we can contribute to make our industry sustainable and to shape the future in our field of activity.

Ecata Mission

“In a world class partnership between industry and academia, provide unique professional development opportunities aimed at the future leaders of aerospace businesses”

The mission of ECATA is to strengthen European aerospace industry by offering a unique Aerospace Business Integration (ABI) course for high potential professionals from the business. Target population are young managers having 5 to 10 years experience, being selected to become leaders in European and international programmes.


ECATA is jointly run by the leading European aerospace manufacturers and universities, supported by players from the operational, regulatory and research world. One key asset is the professional and cultural diversity of these organizations, but also of the ECATA delegates (trainees), who form a growing international network.


The ECATA ABI course is conducted each year between January and April, during 10 weeks off the job training at 2 different universities. Part of the course is a major project with high relevance to the business. The course offers the opportunity to practise programme management, team building and leadership development in a safe environment.


ECATA adapts continuously to the changes of the business and in the world. The ABI course is being opened up to selected countries outside of Europe.

Ecata Objectives

  • Will ensure that delegates see the big picture of program management, which includes technical integration, increasing complexity, new technologies, business, management, legal aspects, shareholders, markets, customers and users.
  • Will be known by HR, line managers and young talents, due to the clearly visible advantage for the business and the career enhancement that ECATA offers. It will be seamlessly embedded in the participating company’s internal training catalogue as part of a step of the high potential future leaders.
  • Will reflect the changes and trends in the industry, in aviation, the legal and political environment and the global landscape in general. It will include new members in the consortium, according to the changes of the business (e.g. tier 1 suppliers and non-European companies). ECATA will be able to create if necessary local ECATA points of contact in other regions (Middle East, Asia-Pacific, South America …).
  • Will have a content that fosters increasing cooperation of manufacturers, supply chain, operators, regulators, service providers and researchers. It will continue to foster social competences, teambuilding and a healthy work-private live balance
  • Will have as many delegates as feasible without a step change in cost and without impinging academic quality (e.g. 20 to 25) where up to 25 % of the delegates come from non-European countries (e.g. Brazil, India).