"The premier choice of training intervention for global aerospace companies when looking to enhance the management and leadership capabilities of their potential future programme directors."

The European Aerospace Business Integration Program (ABI) provides dedicated and unique training opportunities
specifically aimed at the future leaders of aerospace businesses.

The cooperation and partnership of leading companies and universities, together with the diversity of the ECATA delegates (trainees), offers an unique opportunity to build and develop an international personaland business network across legal entities, borders and professional functions.

ECATA is an innovative lab for training and experimenting new tools and capabilities for learning in industry. It offers the delegate at no risk (neither personal nor for the employer), the opportunity to practise program/project management, team building and leadership development in a multicultural/multicompany environment similar to the real professional life.

Innovative learning methods based on more than twenty years experience have been developed by the Consortium

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Course Content

The ECATA ABI course is conducted each year between January and April, during 10 weeks off the job training at 2 different ECATA universities (2 different countries). The course is organized in three intensive residential sessions, participants returning to their home workplace in between.

ECATA ABI course content:

  • International Aerospace Environment
  • Systems Architecture and Integration
  • Product life cycle and supply chain management
  • Multinational Program Management
  • Multicultural team work (seminars, workshops, projects...)
  • Personal Development, Leadership and Team Building

Course Added-Values and Participants Benefits

Develop skills and experience needed to lead a team/program in a international/intercultural multi-partner aeronautical environment
Have a broadview of the aerospace industry environment: markets, business models, politics, players, mergers, regulations…
Get the ability to understand aerospace engineering from an overall perspective
Experience multicultural cooperation, multinational teambuilding and teamworking
Take advantage of knowledge of other players and be aware of working practices of other companies
Discover their talents beyond own limits (knowledge of own personality and self-awareness)
Become part of an active network of fellow professionals and experts.

Former ECATA ABI Sessions